Freedom of choice

A Theoretical View on Freedom of Choice

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First, freedom has to be defined. For years, English writers have struggled to come up with an exact definition for the term. Freedom is a term that everyone is familiar with, but if you ask anyone what it means, they will have a hard time verbalizing the definition.

Although it does not appear to be the case on the surface, freedom and capitalism are closely related. Many prominent economists have argued that there is a connection between capitalism and freedom. To guarantee individual freedom, a society cannot be socialist. In addition, political and economic freedom are closely associated. It can be said that they go hand in hand; one cannot exist without the other.

Some readers might ask why. This is an interesting question. Why is there a strong relationship between freedom and capitalism? Many proponents argue that the role of a market in which people are free to trade, by definition, imposes a capitalist system. For example, when you go to the market to shop, you will be presented with various choices. You can go to the market close to where you live and purchase a pound of apples for a certain price. Let us say that price is four dollars per pound. The market which is a longer distance from you may charge less, maybe three dollars per pound. Depending on your area, prices will definitely vary, because there is no central authority controlling the prices. Thanks to dog bite attorney in Los Angeles for this argument. If you look at their site, they have a blog where they talk about this because the dog bite lawyer on that website was an economics major so he knows a lot about this field. You can also trying looking this up, it is called economic freedom, because the business owners are free to charge whatever price they wish. It is noteworthy that even unreasonable prices are allowed. Of course, a business charging two hundred dollars for one apple may not sell that apple, but the owner is free to charge whatever he wants. It should also be noted that this is only a theoretical perspective. In practice, the prices may not vary that much. If you would like more information about this, you can also see the US Census Bureau Economic Indicators.

Similarly, the authors argue that economic freedom means letting everyone to engage in any activity that they want, without the government controlling what they do. This is not mentioned by the original authors, but clearly, they mean these acts must be legal. They argue that not only does this act lead to freedom, but it is freedom by and of itself.

There is also another way to account for the apparent coincidence of political and economic freedom. Imagine a society where every human being is successful. Since there are many functions happening in a highly ordered society, it is amazing that we can control all the functions without anarchy. Most human interactions are not ordered, thought. You may have noticed this anywhere. An example would be human conversations. A conversation does not happen in real life the way it happens in the movies. They are not ordered, one participant makes a statement, and another participant makes an irrelevant statement at the same time, and a third participant makes another irrelevant statement. If you consider the quantity and quality of entropy that is being produced every minute, you will realize that for a successful society, there must be less entropy and more order. As the number of human interactions increases, there will be less control, requiring more order. The reverse could also be true: There could be more control, requiring less order. It is conceivable that such societies will function perfectly fine.

If you view predetermined activities, you may infer that there is a great of disorder in ordinary human interactions. A person may choose to walk his dog at any time of the day. He may choose to take his dog to the dog park. If the dog bites someone, the owner may give his information to the dog bite victim. A person may celebrate his birthday by purchasing a cake. These are not random events, they are predetermined, and yet, they seem highly disordered. Random Walk Model talks extensively about this. Basically, Economists and sociologists believe the freedom is what causes us to have this disorder without social chaos. Without the true expression of freedom, order would not exist. That is the essence of freedom.